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Mission Statement

 The Flamenco Society is dedicated to sharing its passion for the art, music and culture of Andalusia, Spain. We are know nationally for maintaining the ethnic richness of flamenco. We present flamenco in its traditional and modern forms to the Bay Area community through high quality local, national and international artists. In addition, our educational programs of baile (dance), cante (song) and toque (guitar) are nationally recognized for their excellent curriculum.  

Meet the people that run the Flamenco Society.


Anita Sheer
Anita's physical body left us quite a while now, however her spirit is always present at all our performances. Her love for flamenco has inspired us to continue with the art and the organization she loved so much.


Eddie Diaz
Eddie has been the artistic director since Anita's death. Eddie's energy and his dedication to the Society are the main factors in the Society's growth and the reason the organization has the reputation of providing top talent and variety.


Rubina Valenzuela

Rubina has been dancing flamenco for over 30 years, and has studied with some of the greatest instructors in Spain: Concha Vargas, El Torombo, Angelita Vargas, Juana Amaya, and Pepa Montes. She has also performed for 5 years in one of the most traditional flamenco clubs in Seville,  La Carboneria. She is well-known in California as a flamenco singer. Rubina draws from this rich palette to produce moving and exciting classes, and brings the soul of Andalucian traditional flamenco into the environment.


Along with Anita Sheer, Adela is one of the founding members of the Flamenco Society. 
While living in Spain in the 1970's, she had the opportunity to study under renowned figures of the art, particularly at Don Pohren's seminars in Morón de la Frontera, where she cultivated the gypsy style.
Her performing career extends over 30 years, in the U. S. , Europe and Egypt, including her own company "Los Fiesteros".
Her long teaching career includes San Jose State University, West Valley College, the New York José Limón Co. and the Flamenco Society.
She currently shares her time between South Florida and the Bay Area. When she is in town, she dedicates her time instructing our Tuesday dance classes.


Chris Cucuzza

Chris Cucuzza, accomplished soloist, ensemble artist, accompanist and composer, has been performing flamenco guitar for over fifteen years. He has played extensively in Montreal, Quebec and locally in San Jose, where he currently directs guitar instruction for The Flamenco Society of San Jose. His music, which is rooted in traditional flamenco, is always original, spontaneous, and very alive.

Chris is the Flamenco Society’s current guitar instructor. In addition, he is the primary choice for the Society’s performances and demonstration lectures. 


Koko de la Isla

Koko has studied flamenco dance in her native Japan, and in Spain. In Kobe, Japan she studied under El Poka Okasaki and Angelita Vargas. In Spain she studied under El Junco, Juana Amaya, Eva la Yerbabuena, Belen Maya, and El Güito.

Living in the Bay Area since 1997, she has regularly performed at local tablaos, and concert halls. She is respected as one of the area’s top instructors and choreographers. Koko has been an instructor for the Flamenco Society for the last six years.


Vinny Llamas

Vinny has been a member of the Society for the last 2 years, acting as a consultant.


Catalina Diaz

Catalina has been a member of the Flamenco Society since 1997. She is the Secretary/Tresurer of the Board of Directors, in addition assistance to Artistic Director.